Firepay Firepay Deposit

FirePay is a FREE web based cash account. Fund your FirePay account directly from your U.S. bank account, and immediately pay with the funds at Paradise Poker. FirePay is free to sign up, fund, and to use at Paradise.

To view the FirePay tour, click here.

Some of the benefits to using FirePay:

* Fund your FirePay account directly from your bank account and avoid credit card rejections.
* Use the funds immediately to purchase credits at Paradise. No waiting for funds to clear!
* Withdraw funds by EFT back to your bank account.
* Receive immediate email confirmations each time you use your FirePay account.
* View your account activity at any time on the FirePay website.

How to use FirePay:

1. Sign up for free at ; it only takes a couple of minutes. You must use the same email address you used to open your Paradise account.

2. Register your U.S. bank account. Note that within 2 business days, FirePay will send a small deposit amount (validation deposit) into your bank account.

3. Validate your bank account. Locate the small “validation deposit” on your bank statement, log in to your FirePay account, and enter the amount of the “validation deposit”. This is a security measure to confirm that you are in fact the owner of the bank account. The deposit will have “” as the reference on your bank statement.

Note: This validation step is only required once.

4. Once validated, you may begin to fund your account, and use the funds immediately to purchase chips through the Sunset Palace Cashier.

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