Credit Card Credit Card is the fastest way to get playing!

All credit card transactions are processed through our E-cash subsidiary, Penmark Investments Limited, Limassol, Cyprus. Approved transactions will be credited to your casino account immediately so you can begin to enjoy the casino games right away.

  •     If you pay by credit card, you will only get the amount of your inital deposit credited back to your credit card. The remainder of your winnings will be mailed to you by check.
  •     If you’d like to pay by Credit Card, (either Visa or Mastercard) you can go through the casino software. Simply start it on your computer, and click on the “Bank” button, choose “Credit Card” and fill in the appropriate information.
  •     Please remember that all credits are purchased in US funds, (1 credit = $1.00 US Dollar). Payments made this way will appear as a SunsetPalace entry on your credit card statement.
  •     Please consult with your credit card company for any additional fees associated with your purchase of cash for the Internet.

* Here is some information that may help you with your initial deposit. As you may know, when you click on “Bank” a dialog box appears with the deposit icon. After you click on it the filling form appears.

If your deposit is by means of your credit card, write down the information on the filling forms. Remember to write the complete card number, the name of the cardholder (that must be the same on the account) and the addresses that match with the information your credit card company has.

When you write down the date on the date field, there should be two digits for the month and four for the year (March 2001 would be 03/2001) There should be no dashes, spaces or slashes. It’s necessary for this information to be complete for you to be able to deposit when you play for money.

If you have any difficulties, feel free to email us at We will respond as soon as possible.

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